Hey there, I’m Jill!


For YEARS, day-to-day life was pretty good, but far from fulfilling. And I had little hope that anything would ever change. Sometimes it was anxiety. Other times, it was exhaustion. But most commonly, it was the nagging, negative inner voice that said, “you aren’t enough.”

Now, I realize that our biggest obstacle is often ourselves. We lack the Christ-centered faith to take risks, stretch our thinking, and expand our lives. We have a hard time believing that we can rise above what we’ve been told or experienced in the past.

But if we want to make positive changes in our lives, it requires a shift in how we think about ourselves and the God who created us in His image.

You may be feeling like you are stuck in a rut, unable to take the next step. Running on Auto-Pilot, Overwhelmed and frustrated.

You may be the woman that is juggling it all and feels like she’s failing at everything. But you are not alone. God created each of us with a unique purpose, and it’s my goal to empower you to exchange try-hard striving for hope-filled freedom.

At Faith That Shines™, you’ll find a variety of resources to live your best life in three categories:

Health & Wellness: Get the tools and tips to make healthy lifestyle choices for physical and mental well-being. Stick to your diet with our prayers for weight loss, discover all our best tips for stress management, embrace a slow-living lifestyle, and more!

Home Management: Get organized, be productive, and create a home environment that promotes joy. Explore helpful tips for cleaning, baking for beginners, easy recipes, and more!

Money & Career: Work-life flexibility and financial stability are essential for women who want a healthy, happy life. If you’re a business beginner dreaming about your transition from employee to entrepreneur, browse the blog to explore business ideas, create a solid plan, and take the plunge into success.

I want you to believe it’s ok to dream big and set goals, all while staying focused on the most important thing – being true to who you are in Christ. And I’d love to be your guide along the way.

xo, Jill

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